About Us

Bringing entertainment to the people of Western Australia through the musical genius of Gilbert and Sullivan since 1951!

Our current headquarters is the Nollamara Recreation Centre, which serves as rehearsal rooms for the Society’s annual productions and permanent choir, The Savoy Opera Chorale. It also houses the vast store of production costumes and library of scores and literature.

Some renowned directors and musical directors for the Society include Geoff Kelso, Paul Treasure, John Milson, Ted Bull, Tony Howes, Ian Westrip, Peter Bandy, Michael Brett and Andrew Foote.

A number of former performers have gone on to national and international careers including Duncan Rock, Aldo DiToro, Sarah Macliver, John Longmuir, Ron MacQueen, Justin Freind, Megan Sutton, Katja Webb, Chris Lewis and David Woodward.

Over seven decades, the Society has brought laughter and joy through the comic and melodic genius of WS Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan to generations of Western Australians.