Iolanthe 2022 - Audition Information

Director: Michael Brett
Musical Director: Izaak Wesson

Performance dates: 2 – 11 June 2022
Performance location: Dolphin Theatre, Crawley

Auditions for Principal and Chorus roles will be held on Sunday, 30th January and Sunday, 6th February 2022.

These notes on roles in Iolanthe are intended only as a guide to the characters and may be superseded by the wishes of the Production Creatives.

Phyllis – (lead role, soprano) – An Arcadian shepherdess and Ward in Chancery. A pretty, coquettish character who bedazzles the men. She has a clear, flute-like voice; naturally temperamental and delicately determined.

Iolanthe – (lead role, mezzo-soprano, lowest note middle C ) – A fairy, and Strephon’s mother who looks to be “a girl of seventeen.” Elegant of movement; capable of sustained emotional highs and lows. This is a dramatic role.

Strephon – (lead role, can be sung by a tenor or light baritone, nothing above D) – An Arcadian shepherd whose upper half is a fairy and whose lower half is mortal – confident and unabashed, with a resonant, clear voice. 

Fairy Queen – (supporting role, contralto) – A commanding presence with a powerful voice and gestures; imposing and haughty but also lovable and comically amorous.

Earl Tolloller – (supporting role, tenor) – a snobby peer, aristocratic and acts superior.

Earl of Mountararat – (supporting role, baritone) – Discreetly arrogant, slightly pompous, with a rich, full voice.

Private Willis – (supporting role, bass-baritone) – A Grenadier Guard. Low-born, imperturbable, matter-of-fact, stiff-bearing with expressive facial features (character only appears in Act 2, so performer will likely also sing as a peer in Act 1.) 

The Lord Chancellor – (supporting role, light baritone) – Irascible yet benign. Must have flawless, effortless diction, good stamina and perfect timing.

Celia (supporting role, soprano) – A fairy. Airy and flitty with delicate gestures.

Leila – (supporting role, mezzo-soprano) – A fairy. Perhaps more earthy than Celia.

Fleta – (featured role, speaking part) – A fairy.  Slightly naïve. Sings with the chorus.

Chorus – (variety of vocal types and ranges – all ages and diversity most welcome.)
Men: Chorus of Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts, Barons
Women: Chorus of Fairies, who are ageless.

Rehearsals will generally be on Monday and Thursday evenings, and Sunday afternoons. You will not be required for all of these scheduled times until the last few weeks of the rehearsal period and you will receive detailed rosters throughout the period. The first call will be a “Meet and Greet” on Monday 7th March 2022.

Please contact Roger Starbuck, Audition or phone 0428 763 468 to book your audition. If you are unavailable to attend an audition on either of the above dates please contact Roger expressing your interest.

Please prepare one song which you think displays your vocal abilities. It does not have to be from Iolanthe or even from the Gilbert & Sullivan repertoire but should preferably be in English.  If you are interested in a Principal (as opposed to a chorus) role you should give careful thought to the selection of your audition piece.

We will provide an accompanist, please bring the piano part to your audition.

IMPORTANT – COVID SAFETY POLICY: In the interests of the safety of its members, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of WA requires that all participants in its productions please be vaccinated to the fullest extent of their current eligibility and be able to produce a vaccination certificate when requested. If possible you should bring your Covid vaccination certificate to the audition appropriate to your circumstance.