“There is no better feeling than singing in harmonies and hearing it all magically fall into place on opening night.”

Returning G&S WA alum Mary Vidovich chats about what she enjoys about singing and her winning episode on Millionaire Hotseat.

You’ve performed in many opera, musical and cabaret productions both interstate and overseas. What do you enjoy about singing?

I enjoy the feeling, it’s uplifting, especially when you are singing in an ensemble. It’s a feeling of camaraderie and everyone is in it together for the same outcome; a great performance to share with the audience. There is no better feeling than singing in harmonies and hearing it all magically fall into place on opening night. In addition to that, it’s an added bonus when the audience also want to sing along and you can feel the energy!

Tell us about your character in The Gondoliers – what do you think of her, and how are you approaching the role?

The Duchess is a harridan, disappointed with many things in her life, which she takes out on her husband, the Duke. I’m looking forward to playing her as she is a caricature of almost pantomime Dame proportions with which I can really go over the top in terms of her voice and gestures (interestingly enough, the Duchess is often played by a man).
I’m still getting familiar with her and trying to find more depth to her character in an attempt to extract more humour. Making her a bit more three dimensional is the tricky part.

Do you enjoy other creative fields, such as writing? Is there something you are working on?

I really enjoy writing, but it’s a love-hate relationship as I often struggle to manage my time enough to do it regularly. They say everyone has one novel in them and there’s one that’s been bubbling in my mind for a while. That’s a continuous work in progress, along with another project which I plan to be a 6-part satirical series for television.
I will also reprise an old Shirley Bassey tribute show I previously did for the Melbourne Fringe Festival at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club. Perhaps for the next Perth Fringe!

Do you have a favourite musical or show? What would you love to be part of as a performer?

I have many favourite musicals and plays, The Woman in Black, Chicago, Sweeney Todd, My Fair Lady, Sunset Boulevard, Funny Girl, A Streetcar Names Desire, 42nd Street. The Boy From Oz….the list goes on!

I would one day love to play Matron Mama Morton from Chicago. It’s a small part but it packs a punch!

Tell us about your winning episode on Millionaire Hotseat.

After quite a rigorous audition process, I managed to get onto an episode in the first series of Hotseat (this was over 10 years ago now!). I was fortunate enough to be in the last seat and everyone ahead of me was either passing or getting the answer wrong. Finally, it was my turn for the ‘hotseat’ and it was the last question of the episode (which meant I would win either $1000 or $100,000)….

“What country is the animal, the jaguar, not native to?”

I chose the right answer and BAM! I won $100,000. It was a good day!

Mary Vidovich in Noel Coward's Bitter Sweet presented by G&S WA in 1998


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